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Thermal Perimeter Heating Systems Ltd
8 Doman Road, Yorktown Industrial Estate, Camberley, Surrey. GU15 3DF
Telephone 01276 684800 
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The Building for the conservation, restoration and repair of historic buildings (click on the icon for more information)


People Working in Open Office

Thermal Perimeter Heating Systems specialises in providing quality heating solutions into offices and public areas, including airports, workshops, civic buildings, military establishments, shops and a variety of refurbishment projects, also Libraries where minimal or no noise is required. All these areas have an essential need for a healthy, quiet and comfortable, warm, working environment, Thermal Perimeter Heating Systems products provide all of those requirements.

                               Our products conform to stringent building requirements and UK planning laws .

For more information please contact our sales department or ask for more information on the enquiry form at the bottom of this page