Maintenance, Packaging, Connections & Warranty


General- routine maintenance on all Thermal fan convectors is restricted to cleaning and replacement of air filters. All motors and fan bearings are lubricated and sealed for life and do not require any routine maintenance.

The same size of motor is used throughout the range with the exception of size 4 which is 10mm longer.

Washable filters used, are recommended to be cleaned at least twice a tear but the precise timing will be dictated by the application and local conditions.

G-Units- Routine maintenance access to filters and air vents will be largely governed by the design of the cabinet internal, designed to accommodate front and rear access to the fan assembly filter,by removal of the relevant cover plate of the Plenum box.

QM/QW-Units- Routine maintenance of filters and air vents is obtained by unlocking and removing the access panel, which incorporates discharge and return air grilles, the fan assembly filter can be reached by the removal of the relevant cover plate of the Plenum box.


K-Units- Routine maintenance of filters, air vents or removal of fan assemblies is obtained by unlocking the hinged access panel. 

All units are despatched fully assembled and packed in strong corrugated cardboard cartons which may be placed over the installed unit to provide protection during the continuation of site works.

Flow and return headers are manufactured from 28mm copper tube and are each fitted with reducing adaptors to 3/4" BSP Male Iron at one end/ and vent/drain facility at the opposite end.

Electrical supply required is single phase 240 volts 50Hz, input is approximately 100 Watts per fan unit.

The Customer Connection Box is located on each unit with internal connector block and 20mm stuffing gland for incoming electrical supply.

The relevant wiring diagram will also be supplied with each unit.



Warranty Conditions

Please note our warranty conditions on all our products are as follows- 

All electrical items including bought in items such as fans, electronics, Solid State parts but not limited too, the warranty is for one year only. All components manufactured  in house by Thermal Heating including casings, chassis parts, sheet metal or machined items the warranty is for 5 years subject to fair wear and tear and no abuse or damage present.