Radiant Panels






Manufactured to meet design requirements.

Can be free suspended or fitted within suspended ceiling tiles. Can also be wall mounted or floor fitted.

When overhead projection above the panel is required (such as in a sports hall an angled top can be provided to deflect objects.


  • 2.0mm aluminium face plate.

  • 16mm diameter copper emitter tubes.

  • Aluminium contact clips.

  • Insulation-25mm thick. Aluminium foil backed.

  • Finish-polyester powder coat.

  • Floor panels stainless steel

Dimensions & Weights

to customer's requirements. Weights-9kg per sq.m.

Flow Rate                   Output

kg per sec    =                                 

                          4200 x temp.drop


Room temp. 21deg C

MEAN WATER TEMP           65        70        75      80      85

OUTPUTS Watts                 420      480       540   600    660

Outputs approval BISRIA REF: 18174/1


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