Description & Types

Apart from the Specials which are designed for specific applications the following are the main types of fan convector produced by Thermal Perimeter Heating Systems.


G- Units Fan convectors "chassis type" to be used as replacement power packs or incorporated into builders work cabinets/ enclosures or existing casings. leveling bolts are located in the base of the unit


QM- units Fan Convectors "free-standing" or low-level wall mounted, with heavy-duty powder coated metal casings, rounded corners and lockable access panels, 100mm high jackable plinth would normally be supplied with this model.


K-Units- Units Fan Convectors ceiling or high-level wall mounted, powder coated metal casings with rounded corners and hinged lockable access panels.


Type TT tapered profile at each end incorporating discharge and return air grille.


Type TF fire at one end incorporating discharge grill flat panel at the opposite end with return air grille located in access panel on the underside.


C- Units Fan Convectors chassis type to be used within special enclosures or ceiling voids several duct variations are available.


Grills and Fascias made to order to suit client applications


All fan convectors produced by Thermal Perimeter Heating Systems are based on the cross flow fan assembly with external rotor motor configuration and has been proven over many years of laboratory and sight tests to be both reliable and quiet. The Motors have class B insulation and comply with VDE0530/ 11.72 regulations and DIN 40050


All heater batteries/coils are subject to an 'air under water' leak test of 315 kPa (450 PSI) and hydraulic burst test to 1400 kPa (2000 psi} when installed in acoustically average rooms fans running at normal speed are within NC40 those running at slow speed are within NC30.


All units are supplied with integrally wired, low-temperature cut-outs, but will require remote wall-mounted control thermostats, either one or two stage with the facility of summer- winter control, if required.The facility to link into the customers Building Management System or similar is also available.


Strict quality control is an established part of our production process; all units are test run on final assembly, before despatch.