Use of G & C Units for Maintenance, Refurbishment and upgrading of Heating Systems

C-Units are designed for use within ceiling voids and other special enclosures and should be used in applications mounted that are freestanding or builders work units cannot be accommodated.


G-Units Are specifically designed, adding to existing fan convectors of any manufacturer, in many instances they can simply be dropped into the existing enclosure and connected. Special transformation ducts or maybe a new grill or even casings are required.


Thermal Perimeter Heating Systems can manufacture and supply all of these items as well as the main units.


In addition we are in a position to offer a comprehensive survey and advise on the heat output requirement for the equipment needed and also the suitability or not of the existing units and controls.


Where a building is to be completely refurbished we can design and manufacture enclosures, casings or bulkheads that may be required in blending the system into a proposed new décor.


While Thermal Perimeter Heating Systems is mainly a manufacturing company we are often asked for and indeed offer advice to the contractor so as to familiarise the operatives with our products and is ultimately to everyone's benefit.


Product improvement


To facilitate continuing product improvement, design changes may be made during the life of this website, or literature, we therefore recommend that all data be verified before proceeding with any design application.