Modular Range


The Panels are manufactured from shaped 15mm copper tubes securely strapped to the top surface of a rolled aluminium panel 2.0mm gauge.

The panels are provided in modular size to coincide with the suspended ceiling panels and to fit within the suspended ceiling grid.

Panel modular sizes are 600x600, 1200x600, 1800x600, and 2400,x600. Other sizes to suit application.

The panels have returned edges to provide added strength.

The 15mm copper heating coils are at 100mm to 150mm centre and are finished with 15mm pipes facing upwards at one end of the panel. Venting is via flow and return connection above panels by others.

25mm aluminium foil back insulated.

Panels tested at works for Test Pressure 10 bar.

The panels shall be independently supported via adjustable support wires-of 4 per panel-securely fixed to the site structure above the false ceiling.

Output at 60 deg C 600 Watts per metre.

Panels finished Powder Coat to RAL colours

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